Finding The Best Places In North Carolina

When visiting North Carolina you are presented with a wide variety of natural land formations and vistas. Depending on where you are in North Carolina you can be at the beach in the morning or at the top of a mountain in the afternoon.  This is why looking for real estate highlands-cashiers nc is such a great experience.

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The views

When looking for real estate first consider your views.  This can be the general area you want to live in as well as specific views from specific windows in your home.  For example if you want to wake up to a sunrise cascading over the mountains then you will want a place that has a view to the East.  If you want the same view to let you go to sleep then maybe having your bedroom to the west is a better idea.

The Weather

The weather in North Carolina is wonderful.  Depending if you want snow you can be at higher elevations compared to cooler more casual temperatures closer to sea level.  Also, if you are going to make your home a vacation spot or a permanent residence will give you other points to consider.

Close to the city or the mountains

If you want to be close to the city with stores and civilization or do you want to be out in the wilderness where deer and other animals can be your closest neighbors.  When deciding on real estate these are major considerations that could make living in a specific location a deal or deal breaker.


The cost of living is different all over the country.  Making sure that jobs are available, taxes are low and the cost of living reasonable are all things to consider when considering price.

Make it your own

No matter what you decide to do or where you decide to lay your head, making it your own is the primary goal.  If you are comfortable and happy then you are home.